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Submarine Tour Cozumel
Submarine Tour
Submarine Tour

Submarine Tour Cozumel

Underwater Activities Cozumel

1 hr
Kid Friendly:
4 yr +
Tour Tips:
Min age is 4 years old (90cms tall)
Bring cash for transportation
Guests will need to go down a 7 step ladder to board submarine
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Tour includes

  • Submarine Tour Entry Fee
  • Complimentary Drink
  • Transportation Not Included
Submarine Tour Cozumel
The Journey begins with a short scenic navigation through the Chankanab Reef along the Cozumel Coast aboard the Submarine Ana that will take you the Atlantis Submarine XII.
The coral reefs are the playground for thousands of fish, lobsters, stingrays, sharks and turtles that you can admire.  Depending on season you will have the chance to see certain species of these creatures. This ride will take you to a breath-taking scene at the famous Cozumel Wall, a 1,800 feet (600 meter) drop off on the border of Cozumel Island.
The newest Submarine Route explores the biggest dive wreck in the area, Felipe Xicotencatl, a 154ft ship that sank in the year 2000 for the purpose of enhancing marine life in Cozumel Coral Reefs. Formerly it was a minesweeper for the US Navy, and sold to Mexican Navy in 1962 for rescue and patrolling missions. This shipwreck lies between a 55 to 80 feet (18-25 meters) depth and is the home mainly to fish, sponges and soft corals.
The submarine is battery powered, air conditioned, and non-pressurized. The expert crew will enhance your unique underwater adventure with a live narration during the underwater exploration.
At the end of your adventure your Submarine Pilot will surface the submarine and take the explorers back to pier while enjoying complementary rum punch.

Important notes:
  • Guests on this activity must be able to safely navigate backwards thru a 7 step ladder (hand rails available).
  • The Submarine Tour IS NOT AVAILABLE from May 22 - May 31, 2016
  • Taxi from Port to Meeting Point will be between $10-$20 US (depending on the number of people)

Other Details:
Price: Adult: $92.50 US | Child: $57.50 US
Approx. Duration: 1 hr
Distance to Meeting Point: Puerta Maya/Intl SSA: 10 mins (walk)
Punta Langosta: 10 mins (taxi)

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