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Grand Cayman Eden Rock Shore Snorkel
Eden Rock Shore Snorkel
Eden Rock Shore Snorkel

Grand Cayman Eden Rock Shore Snorkel

Watersport Tours Grand Cayman

Up to 3hrs
Kid Friendly:
Yes (ages 5 +)
Tour Tips:
Pack underwater camera
Close to port for easy access
Unlimited snorkeling
Great Deal!
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Tour includes

  • Walking distance to Cruise Port
  • Snorkel Gear & Life Vests
  • Restrooms & Fresh Water Showers
  • Restaurant & Bar

Grand Cayman Eden Rock Shore Snorkel 

Enjoy unlimited all-day snorkeling in Grand Cayman in one of Cayman's few protected marine parks on this Shore Snorkel Adventure Excursion! Explore tropical sea life and beautifully preserved coral reefs in some of the most pristine waters in the world! This is what we call a marine park - or a protected area of the sea where coral reefs and fish can flourish without any damage caused by boats. It is a great location for all types of snorkeling - beginners or advanced. All the marine life is on location. There is a wonderful array of tropical fish - big tarpon, sergeant majors, angel fish, parrot fish, rainbow fish, sometimes even a stingray or a turtle as well as lots of reefing systems. We are so confident in knowing that you will truly enjoy seeing all the fish here, that we offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied!

Take advantage of our Super Shore Snorkel Adventure for this season - for just $20 US you get: all your snorkel gear, life vests, unlimited snorkeling, access to the marine park, use of restrooms and fresh water showers. You can't get a better deal than that!

Being so close to the Cruise Port makes this shore snorkel excursion the perfect way to end your day of shopping or sightseeing in Grand Cayman. Wind down and relax with a nice cocktail in the sun before jumping back in to the crystal clear waters to do some more awesome shore snorkeling

Note: Taxis and buses are available right outside this location that go to Seven Mile Beach all day and are just $5 per person if you still feel like you want to see the Seven Mile Beach.

Important Notes:
  • Eden Rock Shore Snorkel includes - Snorkel gear, life vests, unlimited snorkeling, access into the marine park and use of restrooms and fresh water showers
  • Access: There is a ladder on which you access the water

Other Details:
Price: $20 US per person (Adult/Child)
Min. Age: 5 years old

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