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Grand Cayman Horseback Swim Ride
Horseback Swim Ride
Horseback Swim Ride

Grand Cayman Horseback Swim Ride

Land Tours Grand Cayman

Child (14+)
2hrs 30mins
Kid Friendly:
Yes (ages 14 +)
Tour Tips:
Wear swim gear, sunblock, cap, closed toe shoes and long shorts
Pack towel, change of clothes
Bring a water proof camera & water
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Tour includes

  • Round Trip Transport from Cruise Port
  • 1hr & 30mins Horseback Swim Ride
  • Tour Guide
Grand Cayman Horseback Swim Ride
Enjoy a beautiful Horseback Beach Ride & Swim in Grand Cayman!

Trot along the secluded and rustic shoreline at Barkers Beach on gentle, well-maintained horses. Take in the unique scenery of the turquoise caribbean ocean and soft white sands. Trot and gallop along the sand and get ready to enjoy a refreshing swim with your gentle horse in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea! The horses will swim out at approx. 6-7 feet of water (until the water reaches your waist).  Enjoy this wonderful moment as your horse confidently and contently takes you on a swim ride through the waters and back to the shore!

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to Horseback Ride in Grand Cayman!

Important Notes:
  • Weight limit: 225 lbs
  • Minimum age: 14 years old 
  • No restrooms or changerooms available on site
  • Riders on this tour may choose not to swim their horse, however the same rate applies to this package
  • This Horseback Swim Ride is not suitable for persons who are pregnant or who suffer from back problems
  • Riders must be in moderate health condition
  • Bring a backpack as it keeps you personal belongings from falling from your pockets
  • Does not operate on Weekends or Bank Holidays

Other Details:
Price: Adult/Child: $120 US per person
Approx. Duration: 2hrs 30mins (1hr 30mins horseback swim ride, 30mins each way for transport) 
Weight Limit: 225 lbs

Price: Adult/Child: $145 US per person
Approx Duration: 2.5hrs (1hr 30mins horseback swim ride, 30mins each way for transport) 
Minimum: 2 persons minimum

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