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Live Escape Rooms
Escape Rooms
Escape Rooms

Live Escape Rooms

Land Tours Grand Cayman

Per Person
1.5 hrs
Kid Friendly:
Medium - High
Tour Tips:
Walking distance from Cruise Port
Have fun finding clues and solving puzzles
Purchase snacks and beverages on site
Minimum of 2 people
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Tour includes

  • Orientation and Check-in
  • 45 minute Escape Room
  • Walking distance from Cruise Port
  • Tour Guide
  • Room of your choice (make note in the additional notes section)

Live Escape Rooms


Escape into a world of altered reality.  Have fun as you test your skills.  The clock is ticking!
Enter a themed room with 45 minutes to find clues and solve puzzles in an attempt to make your way out.  
Do you have what it takes to get out or will you stay locked in!?

Rooms you can experience:

While on a tour of an abandoned asylum in the Cayman Islands that has been frozen in time for almost 100 years, your group gets separated from your tour guide and locked in the facility’s Lobotomy Lab – a room that has a sinister past. If you don’t find your way out within 45 minutes, you may become the next experiment!

While on vacation in Grand Cayman, an old sailor tells you about a legendary rum cellar that was once the secret hideout of the infamous pirate, Blackbeard. The old sailor hands you a crumpled napkin with a map on it and says, “Good luck…he who enters shall have only a short time to find Blackbeard’s treasure, or their soul shall sail with him for eternity!” Curiosity gets the better of you, and you follow the map to a room at Locked Inn. That’s when the door shuts behind you and locks...

Falsely accused, you are on death row. You know that someone has escaped this prison cell in the past and has left clues behind. Just before your walk to the chair, the guards take a 45 minute break and leave you unattended. Will you escape in time…or be a dead man walking?

An incurable and deadly virus is quickly infecting the human population. There is limited supply left of the only known vaccine, which is hidden in a bunker in Grand Cayman – selected for its remote location. Your group has made the journey in search of the cure but are starting to feel the effects of the infection. Will you be able to find the vaccine in time?

Be sure to let us know what room you prefer!

Important Notes:
  • Suitable for kids 12 years and older
  • Room of your choice - make note of this in the additional notes section of your booking form
  • You can purchase snacks and beverages on site
  • Minimum of 2 people to go ahead with the booking

Other Details:
Price: Adult|Kids: $42 US
Approx. Duration: 1.5hrs (30 mins checkin/orientation, 45 mins Escape Room and 15 mins checkout)
Minimum Age: 12 years and up

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