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Falmouth Zipline Adventure
Falmouth Zipline Adventure
Falmouth Zipline Adventure

Falmouth Zipline Adventure

Falmouth Excursions

Child (11 -)
5 hrs
Kid Friendly:
Yes (ages 5 +)
Medium - High
Tour Tips:
Max weight 250lbs
Wear long shorts/pants & sneakers.
Pack sunblock, camera, bug spray & small cash
Must be in good health
Min of 4 people
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Tour includes

  • Round Trip Transport from Cruise Port
  • Ziplining
  • Professional Guide
  • Safety Gear/Helmet
  • Welcome Drink
  • Safety Tips

Falmouth Zipline Adventure

The Zipline Adventure offers a rare and adrenaline packed experience in Jamaica.  Fly and soar your way along the ziplines, flying over lush green hills. The Zipline Tour begins with a safety briefing and demonstration of techniques conducted by a certified guide. Pick up and drop off will be provided to and from your cruise port at Falmouth.

The tour itself will be via a series of decks and platforms where you will zip, fly and soar on your adventure and get a new perspective of Jamaica and all its beauty.  The experience of gliding silently through the lush Jamaica greenery, along with the all the adrenaline packed activity will surely have you buzzing for days.

Each person is required to climb a staircase, once on the launch platform the instructor give you the final briefing and then you are ready to zip 500 ft., across the valley, you are then met on the other side by two members of staff, who take you off the line and then it is a short walk up to ride number two.

Once clipped to the zip line at ground level, you are required to run to the edge and Jump off, this gives you the momentum to traverse across the valley back to where it all began.

THE SCREAMER (Giant Swing)
This is the ride of your life! One, two or three sit in a seat once connected safely to the bar, an automatic switch takes the group up to 60ft in the air. When the motor stops one person must pull a ripcord this releases the seat holding all the riders, they then swing at 180 degrees. And keep moving till it all comes to a stop.

AWESOME  (Zip Line)
This is located across the other side of the road, it is the longest ride on the Island 1200ft across a scenic valley. No staircase, so we belay you up to a platform 50ft in the air. For this ride you must weight more than 110lbs and no more than 250lbs. It is a great ride and it gives you the thrill of a lifetime. Once you get to the other side of the valley, two members of staff then take you off the line. A walk up the hillside lead you to the fastest ride. Are you ready?

You will need to once again climb a staircase to about 10ft off the ground. After a safety check, you will then from the platform push off holding up your legs as you skim close to the ground, picking up speed all the time on your way across a scenic valley, back to where you left.

After all this activity it is a walk through the fields past local produce being grown, local folks doing their washing and cooking outdoors.

The exhilaration, fun excitement is now all over after a very physical day sleep that evening will be a great reward for a day well spent.

The Falmouth Zipline Adventure is a thrilling way to experience Jamaica's rainforest environment which is filled with incredible indigenous foliage and wildlife. 

From your bird’s eye view, you’ll survey the flora and fauna of this magnificent landscape, all while listening to the gentle sounds of nature. At different points in the tour, you will even get a glimpse of the miles-away Caribbean Sea and learn interesting facts about the surrounding tree and plant life from our well informed guides.

After leaving the valley, you really fly, embarking on a series of long throws – with the last traverse being 600 feet long. Here, after removing your equipment, you unwind from your exhilarating adventure with a walk through the flowering trees of Cranbrook. 

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Important Notes:
  • You must be in good physical health to do this zipline excursion. Ziplining is not recommended for guests who are pregnant or who suffer with cardiac conditions, epilepsy, heart or respiratory problems, physical disabilities, or any other medical conditions.
  • Observer (Not Ziplining): $40 US per person
  • You may pre-order lunch when you book the tour, so this is ready for you on the day of the tour (only pre-orders) - Pre-ordered lunches include Jerk Chicken, Festival, and a Natural Drink ($12 US per person)
  • Max. Weight: 250 lbs
  • Minimum of 4 persons per booking

Other Details:
Price: Adult: $97 US | Child(11-): $84 US
Approx. Duration: 5 hrs (2.5 hrs zipling & 70 mins transportation each way)
Max Weight: 250 lbs
Minimum: 4 persons to book

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