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Client Information Sent Through our Website

Discount Excursions Ltd - will not be held responsible for any wrong omissions stated by reserved party (Purchaser), we assume no responsibility for incorrect dates, times, e-mail addresses, or any other incorrect information provided to us by reserving party (Purchaser). Excursions are reserved "as is" on the date and times requested by "users" of our website. Replies or Confirmations not received are due to incorrect e-mail addresse(s) placed on our Reservation Forms by the "Purchaser".

Booking Form Submissions and Confirmed Reservations sent to our Reservation Department contain vital information regarding your arrival into Port. Information sent to us by clients is checked for accuracy but cannot be guaranteed due to the sheer volume of daily requests, averaging over 100 requests daily it is difficult to guarantee that we will catch all form submittal mistakes. All Ships have differential arrival/departure times, with over 20 Ships visiting weekly it is imperative clients send us correct arrival information, we then do our job and match the correct excursion for your times in Port. Grand Cayman does not recognize daylight savings. As such, ships are usually one hour ahead of local time from March to November each year.

Please return to our website and resubmit request/confirmation(s) in case of no response to submitted request(s).

Spam is becoming a frustrating part of everyday life. Many e-mail clients have instituted a spam blocking agent, which in all purposes should work to your benefit. However, sometimes legitimate emails are blocked. If you have not heard from us within 24 hours rest assured the above happened, either your e-mail agent stopped our message, or you provided a wrong e-mail address.

In order to receive your answer please e-mail us directly at [email protected], contact us directly by phone on USA 954-354-7371 or locally on 1-345-917-9548, Live Chat with us or resubmit the form with correct e-mail information, any of the 4 solutions will work.

You might also want to check your Junk Mail box.

Discount Excursions Ltd does not pass on any of our client’s information to any third party and holds it in the highest regard of the client’s privacy.

Injury, Loss of Personal Items and Tardiness

Discount Excursions Ltd will not be held responsible for injuries, death, loss of personal effects, or late arrival of the "Purchaser" to the pre-reserved excursion(s).

Most of our Excursions are somewhat physical, unfortunately life itself carries along a certain amount of risk (crossing the street, driving your car, shaving, etc) Our tours are no different. Some excursions will take you over water, in water, some will take you on a horse and some will have you drive your own car.

Loss of items is annoying so be sure to leave all of your precious valuables on the ship. We are not responsible for losses.

Rule of thumb:

All excursions are organized with enough time to reach your cruise terminal for departure. If allowing enough time is not a possibility due to your ship arrival/departure time we will not reserve your excursion.

We understand on rare occasions tendering is a problem making everyone reserved on your excursion late, we are prepared for that, but do not sleep in and expect others to wait for you, that will not happen.

All directions for your specific meeting/times will be found in your confirmation e-mail which is sent upon receipt of reservation deposit. Please make sure to read this information prior to your excursion date to assist you in planning your day in port and either print the information or save it on a smartphone for your records. Please contact us if you have any questions.


As soon as availability is confirmed, the reservation deposit is processed. If for any reason availability cannot be confirmed, due to timing/no spaces, a Discount Excursions Customer Service Representative will contact the “user” to offer alternative options. The reservation deposit is only processed once availability is confirmed.

All reservations are conducted on a "first come, first served" basis. Once the excursion is full there is absolutely nothing we can do, so be sure to reserve it as soon as you can.

Payment and Reservation

Once a completed credit card reservation form is received for the excursion and availability is confirmed, the excursion deposit will be processed to reserve/guarantee client’s place on the requested excursion. Once this deposit is processed a confirmation e-mail confirming the selected excursion will be sent to client by Discount Excursions Ltd within 24hrs or, within 2 business days if submitted after 3:00pm on a Saturday.

Confirmation emails will state: Type of excursion reserved, client’s payment receipt, name of tour guide, meeting instructions and/or any other relevant excursion information that the client will need. The payment receipt will confirm the deposit placed for the excursion, outstanding balance due on arrival and the client’s name, phone number and cruise ship/accommodations. This payment receipt must be printed off or saved on a smartphone and presented to the Discount Excursions Ltd’s tour guide/kiosk upon client’s arrival.

Canceling an Excursion

Cancellations are honored 1 week (7 calendar days) prior to the client’s reserved excursion date, and in this event the deposit is fully refundable. The deposit is also fully refundable in the event that your ship cancels its port of call or if the tour is cancelled due to weather conditions. Deposits are non-refundable unless your ship cancels its port call or the tour provider cancels due to inclement weather. Cancellations with 1 week or more notice must be submitted in writing by replying to the original e-mail confirmation sent to reserved party e-mail address. If cancellations are not received 1 week or more prior to the reserved excursion the full charge for the excursion will be charged on the "Purchaser" credit card. Cancellations due to "illness" at time of excursion require a certified medical certificate from your Ship's doctor which can be scanned to our office or presented at time of excursion by participating group members.

Clients may cancel their excursion 1 week or further from the date they had reserved without additional charges. However, as stated above, deposits are not refundable. Cancellations due to "illness" at time of excursion require a certified medical certificate from your Ship's doctor which can be scanned to our office or presented at time of excursion by participating group members in ordered to deviate from being charged full excursion costs, deposits are non-refundable.

No-shows for the reserved excursion may be charged for the full amount of the excursion at the discretion of the operator who was left standing at the meeting location without a tour, or money to feed his/her family because for whatever reason you decided not to show up for your reserved excursion. This is a standard policy excercised by airlines, cruise lines, hotels and shore excursion operators.

Tentative Reservations

Tentative Reservations ARE NOT ACCEPTED BY OUR COMPANY. Deposits are not refunded due to client cancellations. If you are not certain you would like to reserve the excursion please do not submit your reservation. (Please understand that all excursions sell out and may not be available at a later time).

All transport and additional charges are included in our first time price quote. There are no hidden or surprise costs when booking an excursion with Discount Excursions Ltd.

All reservations placed on our offered excursions block available spaces from other participants also wishing to book the same excursion. (A family of 4 will block 4 seats). So again, if you are not certain you would like to reserve the excursion please do not submit your reservation. We take particular care in total reserved number of passengers in each excursion in order to offer a relaxing, un-crowded environment. So, once our maximum allowed number of passengers is reserved reservations are closed for the particular date/excursion.

We do understand that a small number of passengers have a change in plans and sometimes move their Cruise dates or itineraries, deposits do not disappear and are kept as credit for up to one year from deposit placement date to be used as excursion deposits in any of our serviced Ports.

Excursion Refund Information

Deposits are fully refunded if a ship cancels its port of call for any reason, or if the tour operator cancels due to inclement weather. Deposits are non-refundable for the exception of the two reasons listed above and in the event the client gives 7 days notice in writing to the email address from which the confirmation email was sent. Cruise Liners Excursions cancellations do not reflect our operational capabilities, if your Cruise Liner has cancelled their excursion it will not mean that our excursion of the same type is cancelled. Please call the number provided in your reservation E-mail in order to confirm a cancellation or call our customer service department. Refunds will not be honored for any reason once excursions have commenced.

Deposit Refunds

If your Excursion was cancelled by the tour operator due to inclement weather or your Ship did not Call Port your Reservation Deposit will be refunded in full. The deposit refund is obtained by replying to the Original Confirmation E-mail received for the Excursion. Refunds will not be issued without a reply to the original Confirmation E-mail. The credit Card used for reserved excursion(s) deposit must be valid at time of refund, refunds will not be processed if the Credit Card used for the initial deposit is expired or invalid at time of refund.

Refunds are issued to all passengers who were cancelled due to inclement weather cancellations or Ships not calling Port.

You will need to reply back to the confirmation e-mail you had received for the excursion in order to obtain a refund. Your confirmation e-mail contains all relative reservation information we need in order to issue your refund.

No refunds (nor credits) of any kind will be issued by Discount Excursions Ltd once a tour has commenced.


The balance owed at time of excursion is shown on every reservation issued by Discount Excursions Ltd, the balance must be paid at time of excursion to the associated tour guide in cash. If you really prefer to pay by card, you can do so only at our Grand Cayman location and a 5% service charge will be applied to cover the cost. In the case of a group reservation the total balance must be paid in "one lump sum", separate "per person payments" are not accepted.


Disputed Charges:

A $50 USD administrative fee will be charged on your credit card for any chargeback of your excursion deposit when ruled in favor of our Company by your issuing Bank. If you dispute the deposit charge due to the charge not recognized a $50 USD administrative fee will be charged on your credit card. Your deposit will be noted on your credit card statement under Discount Excursions Ltd. Administrative fees may be charged to a limit of $100 USD in administrative fees per disputed charge.

Cancelled Excursion Information

Please note; cancellations of Excursions due to inclement weather are unfortunately sometimes inevitable. In case of apparent inclement weather and your Ship is able to come into Port please proceed to the meeting point for your excursion at the Port. Our Guide will announce if the pre-reserved excursion has to be cancelled. Please contact us for a full refund of pre-paid deposit to your Credit Card.

In case of an early arrival or late arrival of your Ship, reserved passengers must make their way to the designated meeting area as outlined in the client’s confirmation email.

If a Ship changes itineraries (please understand the rarity of this event) please contact us immediately and we will do our best to accommodate.

Most changes happen mid-cruise, our Customer Care line is available 8am to 6pm Central Monday to Friday and, 9am to 3pm on Saturdays. Please let us know about your changed arrival date and we will do our best to re-organize the excursion for your new arrival date or Port.

If your Ship comes in earlier than expected or later than expected please make your way to the designated meeting area as outlined in confirmation email for excursion. It will be highly likely that the excursion has already been modified to comply with your Ship’s changed times.